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With all the hoo-ha about LJ's servers moving to Russia, I'm going to hope the cross-posting function here, which had been nonworking for some time, is back to functionality and do my posting here at DW instead.

I've just had an idea for how to proceed with the long-dormant metaculture project. Play to my strengths: Throw dinners for people. The Fremling Friending Dinners, as the central value is that of seeing others as welcome guests rather than as hostile strangers. Idea is to invite two disparate groups (don't want 'em to be so far apart that they can't find anything in common; *do* want 'em to be far enough apart to make 'em stretch a bit; need a decision matrix to measure this -- thoughts?) and introduce 'em to both me and each other; describe my metaculture project, identify each of them as cultures, and tell 'em I'm bringing 'em together to help them celebrate their differences, rather than explain, excuse, or exacerbate them. And also to aid my own project of helping others network.

I've already got four other projects going -- Community Reinvigoration Homesteading, Solarpunk, Asgardia, and the Service Bureau (subprojects: Tool Lending Library, Bike Co-Op, Computer Co-Op, Food-not-Bombs-equivalent) -- and will need to restructure my behavior so that I pay attention to *all* of them on a timely basis. I'm going to have to footnote that and get back to it, because I've got a lot of other things to do today. Starting with a shower, so y'all feel free to amuse yourselves here whilst I go soak my head.



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