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My five projects are the program I'm managing. Before I even get to that, I have to manage *myself*. Self-management is taken as given in a professional setting, even though a lot of my popularity among the techs at Citi back in the '90's was because in addition to being boss I also acted as social worker for many of 'em. ("I need workers who can do X. If stresses in your private life are making it hard for you to do X, tell me what the stresses are and I'll see if I can help you resolve them.")

The new Fremling Friending project can be the introduction-to-metaculture element I've been looking for. This is at least 3 orders of abstraction out from "here's what's in it for Joel", though. It's being hard for me to care about me. Or, more accurately, I see my metaculture as myself more than I see *me* as myself. Since by identity I *am* me, there's an obvious problem here.

Since right now I'm not getting anything productive done, I'll head on out to FnB early, take the machine with me, and see if I can get any decent writing done offline. If I do, I'll edit this post to include it.



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