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Okay, so the core of the idea is that we are not a civilization, we are a metaculture, and this requires certain social mechanisms and individual habits and behaviors, and working with these mechanisms and practicing these habits and behaviors can with minimal personal training be fun and fulfilling.

What precisely these mechanisms, habits, and behaviors *are* are variables. If I tell an artisan “make a bowl,” they can turn one on a lathe, whittle one by hand, cast it, turn it on a wheel – I’m going to shut up on that now, because I don’t know how long I could keep going and right now is not the time at which I want to find out. *The artisan* is the one who needs to know what tools they need to use and what-all-else they need to use them properly.
Theoretical structures require implementations in order to be practice and observed. Right now I have four active implementations and one additional scenario that could become one. I want to write the documentation that will both recruit people to help run these implementations and provide them with the structure and instruction they need to effectively do so. I'm not sure whether this can be done as a single document, or how many documents it needs to be.

I've identified four different audience-segments that would probably benefit by being addressed separately. I've nicknamed these Starfleet, the Alliance, Hobbits, and Barflies, from respectively the Star Trek ficton, the Star Wars ficton, JRR Tolkien's 'Middle Earth', and the Callahan's Bar stories by Spider Robinson.

The Barflies want to get telepathic with people by loving them and partying with them. They occasionally over-indulge in mind-altering substances, but being experienced in the use of such and not *desirous* of over-indulgence, they generally self-correct fairly well. Hobbits are interested in having and sharing creature-comforts; they'll happily have an ale as well, but are likely to be more interested in the stew that comes with it, and having a nice warm fire to sit by while consuming it. Between a hobbit and a barfly, the former is more likely to treat you with a bit of formality, and the latter might well toss you in the air and blow in your bellybutton, which was a lot of fun when you were five, but is a bit startling now that you're thirty.

Members of the Alliance are fucking pissed, and really want to kill something. Or possibly a lot of things; they're not really sure. They are or strongly desire to be law-abiding citizens, but personally witnessing many acts of barbarism by people who pretend to be exemplars of their culture puts a lot of pressure on that. Starfleet is a bit more formal in their approach to discipline, but are fundamentally researchers rather than soldiers. Alliance members tend to work very hard when you're not looking, and then start goofing off when they sense you peeking; Starfleet staff couldn't give a shit whether you're watching them, or not, or have a whole documentary crew with you as long as you stay clear of their work.

Discipline is actually one of the core subjects I want to address. People who are *self*-disciplined often do not appear so to the casual observer; Thinking Out The Problem looks *exactly* like absent-minded daydreaming. That they get back to work as soon as they’ve worked it out is only apparent if you watch in close detail for a protracted period. Starfleet and the Alliance work by socially-enforced discipline, Starfleet in close precision and the Alliance in a slightly looser, more scrum-based fashion. Hobbits tend to be narrow in scope; if the issue at hand doesn’t immediately impact someone’s direct creature comfort, they tend not to be interested in it – but they are also very empathic, and are likely to take action on someone *else’s* lack of creature comfort as soon as they become aware of it. Barflies are profoundly self-disciplined; socialization is a core part of their work, which is why they make use of sedatives and such to help them relax that discipline sufficiently to *do* that socialization.

My audience are actually *proto*-Starfleet, Alliance, Hobbit, and Barfly. They know they need to change the world, and they’re afraid that they may not be able to do it, or not do it quickly enough. They are capable but inexperienced, which includes being inexperienced at *being* inexperienced, so they haven’t figured out that most of the time the Old Masters they would have hoped to consult are winging it as much as they are.

And I’m sure at least one of my charges will decide that *their* approach is neither Starfleet, Alliance, Hobbit, or Barfly. That’s great by me; my only requirements are that they tell me what their approach *is* and provide me with a convenient name by which to address it.

It just occurred to me to style myself ‘Concierge’ for these ventures – because a concierge is a servant, not a boss. I am literally and directly here to help you with whatever it is you think you need help with, tho’ I retain the right to make a suggestion if it looks to me like you need one.

I’m tempted to go into the current projects and exemplify the conduct of each of my selected ficta in each project, but it’s more immediate to get this out there and see if I can arouse a comment or two.
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