Jan. 9th, 2017

My leg still hurts like a sonuvabitch, and I canceled on going to the Climate Jobs meeting tonight and the FnB prep this afternoon due to an inability to bend sufficiently to put my socks on. Barely-above-freezing weather ain't horrible, but I'm going to wear socks in it anyway.

But I'm *getting* better. Also arranged for a ride to the hospital for my colonoscopy on Thursday. I've had one before; they're no big deal.

New idea popped up today, and I sent it out to 3 or 4 people for feedback: Pick one red state, and start sending "secular missionaries" to it. Find the locals in need of services, and *start providing them*. Give them what a liberal civilization provides for its citizens, and do so as a freely given gift. The Old Culture *does* believe in shame, and strongly. Giving them something and asking for nothing at all in return will result in them seeking something they can give back. It will *also* cause a shift in whom/what they consider 'friends', and 'loyalty to friends' is another high value in that culture. And Barrett, whom I have had high hopes for, just moved back home to Arkansas, which is as good a candidate state as I could hope for. (He's one of the people I asked for feedback.)

That would make *seven* on my project list. I will either have to trim the list, or develop better resource-sharing algorithms. Self-test: The projects are CRH, Service Bureau, FFRN, HCAO, Fremling Friending, Secular Missionaries, and, as usual, I'm missing one. *checks notes* Ah. Asgardia. This is *why* I keep notes.

Gotta stop all this damn getting hurt nonsense, first. I wish I could tell *how* I pulled my hamstring, in hopes that it's something I could avoid repeating. Doubt it, tho'.



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